Ep.1: Charlene Wang, Permission to Become a Model Breaker


In this episode, we will be diving into Charlene’s journey from being a software engineer and later product manager at Google to becoming a life coach, writer, and author of Model Breakers.

In this episode, we will talk about:

Charlene’s early inspirations and childhood passion for the spirit of creation

Balancing the immigrant mentality of “you gotta survive before you can thrive” with carving out a path for her creative explorations early in her career

Overcoming the “achievement paradox” and stepping into her permission to become her true self after a scary wake-up call

How she overcame her biggest fear and combatted procrastination?

How to talk to shame, “the nasty roommate you had to live with”

How she got clarity on what she truly wanted in her life

What inspired her to start writing the book “model breakers”

Charlene Wang is a model breaker. She is the founder of LivingOS, an online community dedicated to helping high achievers get more out of life. Charlene has spent years coaching high achievers and her pioneering coaching practice has helped startup founders, angel investors, and seasoned operators find their true values and motivations in life. She wrote this book, “Model Breakers” to break the model minority stereotype and change the Chinese immigrant narrative at scale. Charlene currently works as a product manager at Google and lives in the Bay Area with her fiancé and is a bit obsessed with oolong tea. You can connect with Charlene Wang at charlene@hey.com

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You can pre-order her book Model Breakers here: https://bit.ly/model-breakers-prelaunch

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