Ep.3: Hillary Jeanne, Permission to Become a Brand Photographer


What is your true value? This one simple question changed the course of Hillary’s life’s path.

Tune into this episode and listen to Hillary share her step-by-step transformation from being burnt out and unhappy working at a 9-5 to becoming a self-taught personal brand photographer and strategist, living her passion and purpose through helping women entrepreneurs elevate their online brand.

Episode highlights:

How her bicultural upbringing shaped her artistic interests and money mindset

Her early career path working in Silicon Valley tech start-ups

How answering one simple question propelled her to discover her passion

How she found her passion in photography after a life changing trip to Peru

Her step-by-step transformation process of how she transitioned out of her 9-5 tech job and turned her side hustle into a full-time photography business

How she combatted her limitations – imposter syndrome, self-doubt, security-based money mindset – in order to give herself the permission to turn her passion into a thriving career

You can find Hillary here:

Website: https://hillaryjeanne.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hillary_jeanne/

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