Ep.4: Christian Ou, Permission to Become a Food Blogger “One Happy Bite”


Episode Description:

In this episode, I interviewed Christian Ou, the founder of One Happy Bite, a baking blog that features Asian-inspired ingredients, such as matcha, ube, and taro in traditional western baking.

In this episode, we talked about how Christian became a self-taught baker from her college dorm and later turned her passion into what is now her blog, One Happy Bite, with almost 5,000 followers on Instagram (@onehappybite).

Show notes:

How food played a role in her Asian American upbringing, where food is the default love language in her family.

Her early food inspirations, from witnessing her family run a restaurant business firsthand to being enamored with Asian ingredients during her childhood in Taiwan.

Her decision process on choosing a career as a physician assistant and how she stumbled upon baking, that quickly grew to become her obsession.

How she started her baking blog, One Happy Bite, in Jan 2020 and the productivity hack she came up with to overcome her biggest barrier, time, while working a full -time job.

How she defines “success” for her passion.

Resources mentioned:

How I built this with Janice Bryant Howroyd podcast episode

You can find Christian here:

Blog: https://onehappybite.com/

Instagram: @onehappybite

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