Ep 7: Iris Guo, Permission to Become a Sustainopreneur


Episode Description:

In this episode, I interviewed Iris Guo, a truly inspirational Asian American Gen Z woman, who is taking huge strides towards making social impact via OpenMeal and Neutrify by alleviating hunger, addressing racial injustice for the Asian American community, and raising awareness to reduce carbon footprint and save our planet!

In this episode, we dived into Iris’ upbringing in China and how she decided to move to Canada when she was 17 because she wanted to live a different life than what was prescribed by her society.

This is a super insightful episode as Iris shared her wisdom on:

  • How she broke out of peer pressure and social norms to create her own path
  • How she integrated cultural values from China to building relationships and human connection
  • How she overcame imposter syndrome and self-doubt through drama and improv
  • The power of storytelling and the secret sauce to crafting a powerful story that influences other people to take action, including her own story of turning “rejection into redirection” and landing her dream job at Google X

You can get in touch with Iris via social media channels if you are interested to learn more about Neutrify or her career path.

If you are interested in learning more about Iris’ company, Neutrify, check out the website (https://mailchi.mp/c11c1b6d22f8/neutrify-launch) and if you’d like to support her initiative in climate change, check out this survey (https://form.typeform.com/to/I8TNWEgY).

If you have any comments or feedback on what resonated with you on this episode, I’d love to hear from you! Feel free to email me at hello@permissiontobecome.com.

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