About Me

my Mission

To give women the permission to become their truest selves and create a soul-filling life that they love, by helping women find their soul’s purpose, share their unique gifts and talents, and achieve their personal definition of success.

Core Values

“We walk on a journey of journeys

Through the seasons of life

To witness the unfolding of our Truth.

I stand for truth, joy and freedom. I believe that truth is our ultimate healing medicine. When we stand in our truth, we find our path to joy and freedom.

My Story

At the age of 30, I found myself at a place in life where I felt deeply unfulfilled and discontent with many areas of my life. On the surface, I had an almost picture perfect life. I was living in the heart of San Francisco, working at my dream company in my dream job and had a sea of worldly experiences under my belt. Yet, deep down inside, I felt lost and stuck. I was constantly stressed out and drained from work and had two panic attacks that resulted in a trip to the Emergency Room. I struggled with on and off food addiction to keep my emotional stress at bay and spent much of my waking hours agonizing over what I should and should not eat. I felt like I was constantly waging war against my body. Trapped in the labyrinth of my negative self-talk, I constantly felt not good enough and compared myself with others.

Traveling became a form of escapism. Wanderlost and desperate, I looked everywhere outside of myself for answers on what I should do next and how I can turn my life around. 

When the world fell into distress in 2020, so did my inner world. The fortress of protection I had built around me started to crumble. I could no longer hold the life that I was pretending. Before I knew it, I fell into the camp of corporate burnt outs. 

Oprah always says, first the message comes as a whisper, and it then gets louder and louder until it becomes a thud. That was my thud. My message was loud and clear and it shook me to the core of my being. I needed to take my life seriously and make a change. Even though I felt terrified and paralyzed, I listened to that voice within and took a pause from work. I sold all my belongings and moved back home with my parents. I didn’t know what I was going to do next nor did I have a plan. As I sat in my childhood room, all the roles, titles, and achievements I had attached myself to started to fade away. I was left with the question, Who am I?

Learning how to give myself the permission to embark on the journey of self-discovery became my greatest transformation.

For the first time, I reconnected with my body and realized that it had been in a perpetual state of fight, flight or freeze, holding tensions from years of distress, internal pressure to perform and social anxiety. Connecting with my buried emotions opened my heart to my inner child. I grieved with my 6-year old child who felt neglected and ashamed of constantly being criticized for her “wrong-doings”. I wrote stacks of forgiveness letters, to those I had blamed for my sufferings. Most importantly, I forgave myself. I re-scripted pages of lies that I’ve been telling myself my whole life and pulled out the weeds of toxic self-criticisms that had deprived me of nourishment and self-love. As everyone in the world put on their masks, I discarded the invisible masks that hid my truth. I realized that in the process of seeking external validation, I had rejected my true self. While I felt terrified to shed all the layers of who I had become, I reclaimed my power by choosing a new beginning where I can create a life that I truly love. 

I let go of my expectations of how things should be and accepted my messy process of becoming. I spent time in solitude. Through meditation, yoga, dance and quiet journaling, I got to know a deeper part of who I am and found my inner strengths and power. My perceptions began to shift, from blaming myself to feeling profound gratitude for the lessons and gifts from my past mistakes. When I dropped my judgment of others’ imperfections, I saw beauty through my own imperfections. For the first time, I allowed myself to be visibly seen and found true love on the other side of fear. 

Today, I have found my way back home, to self-acceptance and self-love. Instead of denying my emotions, I became curious of the hidden messages about my unmet needs. Instead of resisting my life, I gave myself the permission to find my flow.

My journey to my personal transform is an ongoing work-in-progress because I believe that we are here to continuously grow, evolve and expand. I learned that I became unfulfilled with my life because I was not living in alignment with my truth. By embracing and sharing the truth of who we are, we reclaim our power and become whole. When we step into our truth, we not only find our way back home, but also activate our collective healing and transformation in this world.

Permission to Become is about reclaiming the power of your truth, so that you can step into your greatest transformation!