A podcast about the untold tales of Asian American women breaking out of who they should be, becoming who they truly are, and living their dream life.

Hi! I’m Joyce.

My mission is to empower women to give themselves the permission to become their truest selves. I’ve been a lifelong learner and an advocate for mental health and personal wellness.

Featured In:

Ep 10: Jun Yi, Permission to Become Ordinary

Summary From pursuing a PhD in Geophysics at Yale on track to become a renowned professor to becoming a STEM educator, yoga teacher, Argentine tango dancer and international DJ, Jun Yi shares with us her courageous journey of self-discovery and radical truth-seeking in this episode. Tune into this episode to hear Jun’s story about:  HerContinue reading “Ep 10: Jun Yi, Permission to Become Ordinary”

Ep. 9: Turning Perfectionism into Permission

Summary In this episode, I will be talking about  Different ways perfectionism shows up in our lives  How perfectionism is actually fear-in-disguise, preventing us from taking action  How you can break the pattern of perfectionism and turn that into your permission to become the truth of you are 

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